hi im cami and i like you


Discovered this terrific comic and character “Sad Ghost” by Lize Meddings.  …Clearly I’ve got a soft spot for ghosts, but lately also I’ve become very enchanted by bunnies. 

take me home….




did u guys see the deer with the ribbon


this one did u see it

did u see this

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just saw a guy wearing a nirvana t-shirt lmfao i bet cant even name three noble truths of buddhism

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Basically the most important thing we can learn in life

one of my all time faves 

This is the line that has gotten me through life.


“Pew pew pew” -church interior designer

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when i was 14 my teacher made fun of my pimples in front of the whole class and my best friend was furious so whenever she saw the teacher she’s like “OH YOU GET NEW CRINKLES TODAY” “DID YOU LOSE WEIGHT COS APPARENTLY YOU DIDN’T” “HEY MA’AM IS THAT YOUR BUTT OR IS THAT YOUR BELLY THEY LOOK THE SAME” she got detention almost everyday even i told her to stop she still did it anyway if you dont know what golden friendship is this is

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“maybe if i drink another coffee, i will feel better”

“maybe if i buy myself a new sweater, i will feel better”

“maybe if i get so drunk i can’t see, i will feel better”

“maybe if i sleep for fourteen hours, i will feel better”

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lms if you’ve ever drank water or hijacked a school bus

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*adds nudes to my story on snapchat*

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